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I love that sense of comradery you get when the whole ward is trying to avoid the bishop during the redistribution of callings after semester ends





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do your part people.

Pattinson.. you’re a swell guy but man you don’t even LIKE Twilight. RDJ’s fought his way from rock bottom to where he is now and he’s had a great year with the Avengers and he’s hard at work with IM3.

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Ask me anything Sat, Oct. 27, 2012
Anonymous Asked:
I think about my mistakes. I feel like no one will want me because of the things i have done and I wont be good enough for the guy of my dreams. And that makes me really sad, ...I have cheated on some school work, and I know its not like a huge crime, but I just cant see how if I ever have a boyfriend, he will stay with me. I know that I want an honest person, and we all make mistakes and I am a hypocrite! ugh. I just feel like no one will ever want me :( Please help me in any way you can!

Don’t stress out about it to much, hun. You’ll find the right guy, and who ever that is will love you for who you are, mistakes and all.  I know it’s hard getting over guilt, even if it’s over little things like cheating on a test.

If you are feeling really bad about it go to your teacher and them.  You might get a bad grade, but it probably won’t feel as bad as the guilt you’re going though now.

We all make bad choices, that’s part of life.  You live and you learn from it <3

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Rainy Sunday

And I’m sick.  I haven’t been to a full church meeting for the past 3 weeks due to a series of events and I was really looking forward to going back this Sunday.  I was thinking of just toughing it out but I walked maybe 10 yards to get food and I feel like I’ve run a mile. I honestly don’t think I could make it through sacrament meeting, much less the entire block of meetings.

I feel really bad about missing more church. I want to go so badly, but I don’t want other people to get sick and I don’t want to make myself worse by pushing it.

Texted the one of my old Home Teachers who I still have in my phone and he said he’ll make sure someone comes by my dorm to give me a blessing.  Looks like it’s a day of indexing and old conference talks for me.

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So this popped up on my dash and brightened my day quiet a bit <3 Here’s hoping it does the same for you guys!

Also, thanks for all of the asks recently! It’s been great fun answering them :>

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Ask me anything Fri, Aug. 31, 2012
almost-sister-butler-deactivate Asked:
The age range for Elders actually is dependent on their country. In England, Elders can serve at 18, but in the US (and most other places), it's 19.

Thank you! 

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Anonymous Asked:
What's the difference between "Mormon" and "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"?

"Mormon" is used as a blanket term by many to refer to anyone who uses the Book of Mormon.  There are actually 3 groups that do: The Fundamentalist LDS, the Community of Christ, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am a member of the last.

The first split happened after Joseph Smith Jr.’s death.  Some believed his son, Joseph Smith III should be the next leader (They are the Community of Christ today), while others followed Brigham Young.

The next split happened in the 1920s when Lorin C Woolley, a polygamist who was excommunicated from the LDS church, claimed another line of priesthood.  They became the FLDS.

Most do not mind the term “Mormon” but some will still correct you if you use it simply because of this confusion that can occur.

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